If man does not set limits for humanity,
the planet will do it for us…

28 min. 2019
Director: Frank Rodriguez
Genres: Documentary, Art, Sustainability







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No existing scientist refutes the fact that we are coming dangerously close to our limits.
It’s impossible for the economy to continue expanding on a planet with finite resources.

If man does not set limits for humanity, the planet will do it for us.
Man needs to spend more time being creative rather than amassing wealth.

In almost all the schools of the world, the Arts and Humanities are being eradicated
as they are conceived to be useless in a world of technological fervor.
The Arts industry has been punished unfairly.
This revolution, an industrial and technological insurgence requires artists to get ahead of existing norms.

Interviewing young Kenyan artists and much more people….

Kenyan Eyes evaluates the introduction of art in schools around the world
so as to reduce a consumerism culture in favour of a creative culture.
This change of ideology is an effort to save the planet from capitalist systems.


What are the governments of the world doing to better this situation?
What are we going to do, to save the planet?



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